Chaotic Systems in VR

This site is a set of WebXR experiments to show phase portraits of Chaotic Systems in VR.


Lorenz System
'Butterfly' Strange Attractor
Modified Chua System (Tang et al. 2001)
4-scroll Attractor
Rössler System
Rössler Attractor


Click trigger on right hand controller to restart the simulation from a random point.


There is a fixed position HUD attached to every phase portrait. It shows:


Why this site ?

One of the courses I enjoyed the most at my university back in early 2000 was "Non-Linear Circuits and Systems" and the course book was Strogatz's Nonlinar Dynamics and Chaos. Although I have not used the things I learned in that course day to day basis, I never forgot the basics. An important thing was to visually represent the behavior of such systems, and I think it is a very good match for VR, and that is why I created this site.

If you want to learn more about nonlinear systems and chaos...

If you are here, most probably you already know about the topic, but if not, I highly recommend either or both:

Technical Information


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